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GCSE Biology Tutoring

We believe that a personal approach is best when it comes to teaching and learning. So when you sign-up for our GCSE Biology tutoring, we’ll create your study plan and you’ll receive ongoing support tailored to your needs.

Start with a hand-picked tutor.

Our teachers have attended prestigious Russell Group universities and have achieved an outstanding academic record. They are also familiar with exams the student will take.

Get help with difficult concepts.

Sometimes we all have that one GCSE Biology problem we just can’t figure out. Our tutors are experienced in working through tough questions, step-by-step.

Exclusive examiner tips

Exam technique is the difference between A and A*, and our GCSE Biology Tutors have years of experience learning what examiners like to see.

Suport at your convenience call Study Mind

Day before your exam? Struggling with a question? Our GCSE Biology Tutors know first-hand the stress of studying and are there to promptly help and respond!


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What makes Study Mind Tutors
right for you?

  • Teaching Materials
  • Past Papers
  • Revision Notes
  • Tutor Background
  • Tutor Reliability
  • Satisfaction Rate
  • Bonus Features

Study Mind Tutor

  • Professionally developed tutorials with slides
  • Professionally organised past paper compilations
  • Professionally written Study Mind revision guides
  • Russell Group University-educated
  • Guaranteed*
  • 98%
  • Lesson recordings
    Whatsapp Support

Average Tutor

  • Often use textbooks or a clutter of resources
  • General exam papers freely available to all
  • Often none or out-of-date notes
  • Variable
  • Mixed (may become unavailable)
  • Variable
  • Often none

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Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve taught hundreds of students and they love the journey they’ve taken with us - just here what they have to say...

Mihir Saxena

What a wonderful experience!!! These guys helped me through everything!As an international student, they cleared my all queries and helped me in getting an unconditional offer for medicine.

Amar Singh

Can't thank Medic Mind and Study Mind enough. The 1 to 1 mentoring with Julika helped me see the exams ​in a new light having done it previously.​The course is well structured and with the tools provided, gave me more than enough

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How do I get started?

While getting the grades you want might not seem so simple, it all begins with these three easy steps...

Free Consultation

It all starts with signing-up for a free consultation with our team. No matter what question you have about tutoring or our courses, they are happy to help!

Taster Lesson

Pick a topic that you are really struggling with and we’ll help you tackle it head on, with a structure lesson that is focused on your specific exam board.

Plan Study Schedule

Enjoyed your first lesson? We’ll build a Study Schedule that works for you and helps you start your journey towards aceing those exams?

GCSE Biology Tutoring is proven to improve grades

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have some questions before booking with our GCSE Biology tutors. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

👨‍🏫 Who are the GCSE Biology tutors?

All of our GCSE Biology tutors are experienced medical students that have scored exceptionally in their GCSEs and A-Levels. We carry out rigorous checks to make sure our tutors are professional, responsible and approachable. All tutors are DBS checked and all lessons are recorded to create a safe and friendly learning environment. Along the process, your tutor will build a relationship with you, acting as a teachers, motivational coach and a friend!

👩‍🏫 Do I get to choose from your GCSE Biology tutors?

We go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with your tutor and you get along with them. If you have any preference in terms of gender, age or another category, please let the team know and we will cater to this.

💷 Are there discounts offered for booking more hours from your GCSE Biology Tutors?

Yes, we will discuss these on the free consultation. Students who book a package of hours will receive a discount. Study Mind offers the price of £35 per hour for 15 hour packages. We also offer further discounts on the following: 20h - £30/h, 30h - £29/h, 40h - £28/h, 60h - £26/h. Our 1-1 GCSE Biology tuition is premium quality at an affordable price.

🧾 Do I have to pay upfront for GCSE Biology Tutors?

Here at Study Mind we understand that not everyone can finance GCSE Biology tutoring upfront. Therefore, we offer interest-free, flexible instalments that can be discussed with the team. Our Online GCSE Biology tuition will fit around your budget.

🌟 What is unique about our GCSE Biology Tutoring

All of our materials provided by our GCSE Biology Tutors is specification-specific. We have developed a course tailored to your exam board, using years of research and examiner experience. All of our tutors will go through GCSE Biology Past Papers in detail. GCSE Biology tutors can be hit and miss but we ensure that our GCSE Biology tutoring is tailored to your specification. Whether that is AQA GCSE Biology, OCR GCSE Biology or Edexcel GCSE Biology, our tutoring is tailored to you.

📒 Can I use the hours I book on multiple subjects or is it just GCSE Biology Tuition?

Any hours you purchase with Study Mind can be used over the course of 2 years for any Study Mind subject. This includes tuition for GCSE, A-level, Medical Admissions (UCAT, BMAT and Interview) and Dentistry Admissions (UCAT and Interview). List of services: GCSE Biology Tutors, GCSE Physics Tutors, GCSE Chemistry Tutors, GCSE Maths Tutors, A-level Biology Tutors, A-level Chemistry Tutors, A-level Physics Tutors, UCAT Tutors, BMAT Tutors, Medical Interview Tutors, Medicine MMI Tutors, Dentistry Interview Tutors.

💻 Is the GCSE Biology Tuition online or face-to-face?

All of our GCSE Biology tutoring takes place online in our Study Mind Classroom. We have developed fantastic slides, and we share our screen with you during the lesson, making the learning experience interactive and effective. We provide an interactive experience, incorporating slide-based learning with illustrative diagrams and also a focus on past-papers. Online tutoring is convenient, as we can work around your timetable, and you can learn from your home! Lessons are recorded on Skype, so you can watch them back to re-cap the lesson.

🌍 For which countries / cities do you provide GCSE Biology tutoring?

Each year, Study Mind and Medic Mind teach 10,000+ students from across the world. Online tutoring means that we can teach students from any country. Some of our most common services include: GCSE Biology tutor in Birmingham, GCSE Biology tutor in Manchester, GCSE Biology tutor in Leeds, GCSE Biology tutor in Sheffield, GCSE Biology tutor in Bradford, GCSE Biology tutor in Liverpool, GCSE Biology tutor in Barnet, GCSE Biology tutor in Enfield, GCSE Biology tutor in Leicester, GCSE Biology tutor in Coventry, GCSE Biology tutor in Nottingham, GCSE Biology tutor in Milton Keynes or a GCSE Biology tutor near you.

✍️ What feedback do your GCSE Biology tutors get?

Thus far, all our students have had really positive things to say about our GCSE Biology Tutors, feel free to request a testimonial on them.

💡 Do you offer a money back guarantee for your GCSE Biology tutoring?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for your first two hours of lessons. Unhappy with the quality? Get all your money back, no questions asked.

🎓 What universities do your GCSE Biology Tutors attend?

Our GCSE Biology tutors attend Oxford, UCL, Cambridge, Warwick and many of the country's top universities.

🧪 Which exam boards do your GCSE Biology Tutors cover?

We provide AQA GCSE Physics Tutoring, Edexcel GCSE Physics Tutoring, OCR GCSE Physics Tutoring, CIE GCSE Biology Tutoring and more.

🔭 What topics do you cover in your GCSE Biology tutoring?

Our GCSE BIology tutors cover a range of topics including photosynthesis and cell structure.

✨ Do you provide just GCSE Biology Tutoring or other topics too?

Our team consists of: • GCSE Biology Tutors • GCSE Chemistry Tutors • GCSE Physics Tutors • A-Level Biology Tutors • A-level Chemistry Tutors • UCAT Tutors • BMAT Tutors And more!

GCSE Biology Tutors

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Based on your needs, we’ll hand-pick tutors we think match you best. We’ll send you their profiles, and you pick the tutor you think will help the most.


Build a personalised GCSE Biology Lesson Plan

Your tutor will develop a personalised lesson plan for you focusing on exam-technique based on your mocks, weak areas and your target grade


Maximise your GCSE Biology potential

If you work hard and invest time into lessons, we’ll give you the maximum possible chance to get an 9!

starImprove your exam technique

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Alongside our tutoring, you’ll receive exclusive GCSE Biology materials written by AQA, OCR, Edexcel and CIE Examiners


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Our course is designed and taught by experts who have excelled in GCSE Biology and is proven to be successful.


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James Chong

I highly recommend Medic Mind. It's one of the best and most affordable 1-to-1 schemes! Techniques taught to deal are simple and time-efficient.


Amar Singh

Can't thank Medic Mind and Study Mind enough. The 1 to 1 mentoring with Julika helped me see the exams ​in a new light having done it previously. ​The course is well structured and with the tools provided, gave me more than enough practice before the test. Having managed to surpass my expectations, I highly recommend them to anyone.


Mihir Saxena

What a wonderful experience!!! These guys helped me through everything! As an international student, they cleared my all queries and helped me in getting an unconditional offer for medicine.


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